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The Last of Summer Vacation

Summer vacations will soon come to an end, and for most children, school will be starting again. Before school starts, here are some tips to help your children have a successful year. First, if your child hasn’t been reading this summer, pick a book with your child, and start reading it together. It’s fun to get kids using their imaginations. Second, find some worksheets for your children to complete to help them get back into “school mode,” as my son says. Third, ask your kids what they think would help them to have a successful school year. Fourth, make some goals for the upcoming school year. Make sure you also have some rewards planned for reaching those goals. The last school year was really different for most children, so let’s hope that this coming year will be a little more normal.

Before school starts, though, let’s enjoy a few more summer-fun moments. I hope you took advantage of American Family Day on August 1st and did something fun with your family. However, if you missed it, that’s okay. Any day can be Family Day. Think of one of your family’s favorite summer activities, such as having a movie marathon, camping in the backyard, or making s’mores, and schedule it in. It will be a great memory for your entire family. August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Go support a local bakery or restaurant and celebrate at the same time, or have fun making cookies with the kids. Another fun day is National Bowling Day on August 14th. If you are comfortable going out, hit the bowling alley with the family, or create a little DIY game at home. In honor of National Thrift Shop Day on August 17th, support a local store, and see what cool stuff your kids might find. They might even pick up some cute back-to-school clothes or fun books to read. August 24th is Waffle Day, so make sure to have a yummy waffle with your favorite toppings. The 24th is special too for another reason. It’s Kobe Bryant Day. Let’s take the day to celebrate the memories and life that he lived.

Inspire. Imagine. Instill.

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