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It’s cookout season, and people want to have gatherings and get back to normal. But as always, let’s remember to be respectful of others. And let’s remember to set a good example for the ones watching us. July is the month I always think about watermelons. They are a summertime staple to me. If no one is sitting around eating watermelons, then it feels like something is wrong. If your kids have never been told that if they swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in their belly, then something is wrong. Is this just a Southern thing? This month also makes me think about water-balloon fights, waterslides, and dips in the pool. These are all things that can put a smile on a child’s face. Other fun things would be celebrating some of July’s cool holidays. Some have passed already, like July 4th, but hopefully you enjoyed the fireworks and didn’t forget your noise-canceling headphones! Some kids can’t tolerate the noise but still love to watch the fireworks. July 1st was International Joke Day! You could have spent the day exchanging jokes. I hope you had fun with it. July also has some fun food days that kids love like National Mac & Cheese Day, which was July 14th. There are still a few to be celebrated, though, like National Lollipop Day on July 20th. Also, if you love ice cream, we have National Vanilla Ice Cream Day on July 23rd and National Hot Fudge Sundae Day on the 25th. Pick one to celebrate. But if you’re like me and love ice cream, you might want to celebrate both! There are plenty of other holidays you can choose from as well. July 10th was National Kitten Day. If you missed it and want to honor the day, go adopt a kitten—or an older cat that needs a home. And if you can’t take in a pet, see if there is something else you can do to help. There are always other opportunities. You can volunteer at a shelter or rescue, donate items or food, and even make things like cat toys. So get inspired, and have some fun this month! I hope you share your pictures. I know I will!

Inspire. Imagine. Instill.

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