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Author E. Miann Bailey

Mommy Says Series

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Sometimes I Get the Wiggles is about a little boy who sometimes can’t keep still. He gets the wiggles at school, the doctor’s office, and the store . . . he can get them anywhere. His mommy says there's nothing wrong with him and that he just has a lot more energy than some other children.



"Sometimes I Get the Wiggles"

What If My Dog Could Read My Thoughts is about a boy who wishes his dog could read his thoughts. He thinks it would be cool and it would help him keep his dog out of trouble. He imagines how his dog would be able to know things like when his sister is annoying him, when he needs him to run his sister away, and when he would need his dog to eat food he doesn’t want. His dog would just know when his boy needs him, like if he has a bad dream. Would you want your pet to read your thoughts?


"What If My Dog Could Read My Thoughts?"

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